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Full Version: High Blood Pressure
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My brother has been visiting our family doctor for the last 2 years for high blood pressure. Are there any lifestyle changes that he can make to lower his blood pressure?
When the heart contracts, the blood is pumped from your heart through the arteries into your body. The blood puts a force against the blood vessel (or artery) walls. This pressure is known as systolic blood pressure. When the heart is relaxing before it contracts again, the existing pressure in the arteries is known as the diastolic blood pressure. Your blood pressure is a reading of this pressure. When that reading goes above a certain point, it is called high blood pressure or 'hypertension'. When you have high blood pressure, it is partly because your blood vessels become narrower, and more constricted forcing your heart to pump harder to move blood through your body. These changes cause the blood to press on the artery vessels walls with greater force.
Diet for high blood pressure

A healthy diet plan containing more leafy vegetables and fruits is preferable for high blood pressure patient. Avoid eating food items which has high cholesterol and high fats. Include food items which contain protein, calcium, and potassium in your diet.

Food which contain high fiber is very good remedy for the person suffering from high blood pressure. Include more fibrous food items in your diet.

Decrease the amount of salt from your diet. It is responsible for generating extra pressure on the arteries. Eat fresh food mostly homemade food. Donít eat extra spicy oily food. Avoid the intake of outside food, packed or canned food.
Changes in life style will help you a lot to reduce the problem of high blood pressure.
Following are some tips :
1. Maintain a Healthy Weight
2. Be physically active by doing regular exercise.
3. Follow a healthy eating plan
4. Reduce sodium in your diet
5. Take prescribed drugs like Cardura to treat high blood pressure.
Yes, lifestyle plays a huge role. First of all, one has to be fit. It includes keeping away from junk food. Also there is a need to indulge in sports and other physical activities. Blood pressure has become a cause for various other serious problems like cardiovascular problems, diabetes and so on.

Many reports have found that garlic as well as fish oil supplement are suitable cure to lower high blood pressure. Change in diet can play a big part in lowering high blood pressure. Staying away from oily plus unhealthy foods can be of great help. Doing exercise daily is a must for every individual suffering from high blood pressure.
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