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Full Version: Headaches/neck/back Pain
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I have been having headaches EVERY day for almost four months now. It started out just being headaches, and then added on back and neck pain. When my headache lasted for 2 days, I was worried. After 4 days, I knew something wasn't right. I went to Doc. #1 at the ER, and he told me that he thought it was just an angry nerve at my scalp- Possibly from bleaching my hair (which I have done since 8th grade, along with many other people, so I didn't agree). He gave me some meds of course, and they didn't help (probably because it was treating the wrong thing). I started getting paranoid, because a week went by and the headaches were still there. I went back to the ER and got a CAT scan to help ease my nerves, and everything looked fine. It was then that doctor noticed I had muscle spasms in my upper back- which made her believe I was having tension headaches.. And more meds for me to try.

I ended up seeing 7 different doctors, not including a chiropractor & neurologist. Everyone at work kept telling me to go to the Chiro. and the massages seem to help loosen up my back just a little. I got on prednisone (only 10 mg) and that took my back pain away completely, until I ran out. Then it came back, and the doctor has me on Meloxicam (15mg - sub for Mobic). This med. doesn't help as much. I have been taking Nortriptyline for about 3 months now, and it has helped a lot with the headaches (I have them for only a few min. a day now). I do not want to stay on this medicine, because it is an anti-depressant and it has some pretty crazy side effects with me. I tried taking myself off of the nortriptyline (That is what the neurologist tole me to do, and to hop on Topomax) and I thought I was going to have to be hospitalized. He took me off of it within 4 days, which was extremely too fast apparently. I became really depressed, had suicidal thoughts (even though I am not the kind of person who would EVER harm myself), I couldn't eat anything, I didn't sleep for days, I couldn't go to the restroom.. It was the worst I have ever felt. My primary told me to get back on the nortriptyline, and immediately I felt so much better. The Topomax was a horrible med. for me- my fingers and feet CONSTANTLY tingled, I would forget everything (even how to spell simple words).. I did not feel like myself, and it scared me.

I have started taking MigraEze, because it is an herbal product. I am hoping it will help my headaches, so I can get off of the Nortriptyline. The side effects I have experienced with nortriptyline are weight gain, nightmares almost every night, hallucinations, severe panic attacks... I just want to be my normal, healthy self again. I am the type of person who never would even take Tylenol for a headache, so I don't enjoy being on all of this random medication. Does anyone out there have a situation like mine? My Chiro. told me I could have TMJ, which would cause the head/neck/back pain. It is the only thing left for me to check for at the moment, since none of the other doctors seem to know what is going on. It is $700 for a 45 min. appt. since my medical will not cover for TMJ :/ I am hoping to be able to wean myself off of the nortriptyline the RIGHT way this time, and hope and pray the pain goes away.
I have some problems as your,such as headache,i think it is due to nervous tension and stress caused by excessive,you can try to relax your nerves。。。
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