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Hi. Last week I discovered that my brother who's been living with our 88 year mother who suffers from dementia as well as a long list of other ailments, has not been paying his correct share of rent. They live in public housing. He works full-time and she's on a pension. She's been paying $66 more a fortnight than what she should without knowing and my brother has been capitalizing on it. This has been going on for over 4 years. As well as that, he hasn't been contributing towards the gas, electricity and telephone bills. Explains why he's able to go holidays overseas every year. Anyway, I approached him about it and he claimed that he wasn't aware of what had been happening and refused to compensate her loses on that basis. I'm just wondering, even if it was an honest mistake, should he return the money she had lost? the no means is he caring and looking after her either. He's simply not interested. I organised carers for her which she pays and they clean the house as well and only until recently, she had also been cooking his meals and washing his clothes. I'm pretty disturbed about all this. It's not the first time he has swindled his mother and family of money. Your opinion would be much appreciated.
That's very bad thing because in the age of 88 mother required more care and support from their child but your brother??????
I thing you could concern with any elder care center, that is best place for mom.
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