Im so conflicted and upset with the judicial system, that I am having a hard time coping and moving forward.
I was living with a 46 yo male who was attempting to get physical placement with us of his young girls, 4 and 6yo. We were headed to court on Monday, so discussing matters that weekend of potential allegations from the socalled unfit mother (based on his feedback and his family)

As I kept asking him what potentially may come up so I am not surprised and look like a fool...I was prepared for most anything but not what was disclosed...He decided, after 2 days to disclose to me that he sexually molested his stepdaughter (apparently from the ages of 11-14) and she is now 18 (Feb 2011)...I asked a series of questions and he was explicit.

Ive known him since highschool and was going out with his family weekly 'get togethers', I don't drink alcohol nor do drugs, so no possibility of misinterpretation. I have an 8 yo daugther as well.

I was devastated, shocked, numb and became unglued thus our relationship broke and finally he left my home on Memorial day. On that day, he informed his sister (my so called friend) he couldn't live with me anymore bc I was controlling (actually, I was losing control)...and she proceeded to ask me questions in which I said it was about a 'deep dark secret'...she proceeds to ask me if it is about a 12 yo young girl (daughter of a woman he was dating 20 years ago) in which 'rumor' was that he was inappropriatate with her and his family told him to get, I lost it..and informed her of this 'new victim' in which her response was not what one would expect, she said, "I need to protect my sons (15/12)....

His sister was sexually molested by her father/grandfather as well when she was 9-13.

The mother of this second victim also apparently was informed by her daughter approx 3-4 years ago and June 4, 2011...but, 'doesn't believe her'..WTF!...I never disclosed the information to this mother who texted me several times, almost validating this disclosure. is the issue...Ive reported this to authorities, his admission with details and child protective services bc of the 2 little girls..and because the 18 yo (who has dropped out of hs/allegedly doing drugs/has sexual relations with a 14yo boy, resulting in pregnancy with abortion in April 2011....but, she is not going to police 'thus no victim' is this logically possible based on the admittance/texts etc that police cannot ask the perpertrator

seems like probable cause to me?

Thoughts and suggestions?