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Full Version: Please Help Me I Dont Know What To Do
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when i was 7/8 i was sexually abused by a girl in my class she made me touch he and would lock me in rooms or toilet cubicles and give me points depending on how good or bad i made her feel. i have never told anybody about this but its really getting me down. im 15 and dont know what to do :/ please get back to me if you can help :/
I was 15 too when I was really hit hard with depression. It didn't start then for me as I imagine it hasn't just now started for you either. But 15 is when I first really lost myself to it and after that there was no going back I just kept falling deeper and I wasn't able to get out for many long years. So I'm very proud of you for asking for help. The earlier you deal with this the better. The first thing you really need to do is ask yourself why the sexual abuse is making you feel depressed? Once you identify the reasons then you counteract them or deal with them depending on what they are. After that I suggest therapy to help with any other problems that arrise. The most common is naturally sexual problems, either addictions to it or fear of it. It really varies from person to person and you likely won't recognize the problems until you encounter them later in life.

Anyway. You've established a connection between the sexual abuse and your current depression. So what is that connection, why is it making you depressed?
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