We ask not indifferent people to render feasible material aid and to present Nastenke possibility to hear the world!!!

We address to all who is not indifferent to a trouble of the near. Round us it is a lot of troubles but when they concern our children, the world falls from under feet. You are ready to make everything, appeal to all heavenly and terrestrial forces, search for possibilities, that it in what the innocent child, could feel and feel this world, as all of us. We have that seems to us ordinary but our unique daughter Nastenka – hearing is deprived that. Help our tiny creation to feel all beauty of life, to hear sounds of birdies, a sea surf, simply human speech, instead of to live in peace, full of silence and emptiness.

Our Nastenka was born 02.09.2009 years in Makeevka, grew the usual child, babbled and murmured, very quickly and actively in all studied. Specified nothing in a trouble, but the the daughter became more senior, the even more often we began to notice that it does not react to speech and loud noise in the street. The local pediatrist calmed and has convinced that the child small, and this normal development, it is not necessary to panic.

In nine months have addressed to LOR - to the doctor, and us have directed to the Kiev institute of otolaryngology where have diagnosed - bilaterial sensonevralnaja deafness. To define hereditary or got can nobody.

Have put powerful hearing aids. But loss of hearing of the child very big, therefore hearing aids are not effective, positive results are not present. The hearing of the babe remains «not social», i.e. by means of the powerful hearing aid she can hear sounds which in life will not be useful to it.

From 11.06.2010 Nastja is in turn on free installation of an implant at the Kiev institute of otolaryngology, but before us nearby 500 persons (in a year it is spent about 20 operations for budgetary funds).

The unique chance to return hearing the Ice crust to give the chance to talk is a carrying out of cochlear implantation. Cost of an implant with operation nearby

23 000,00 Euros.

To pay operation and a cochlear implant we can only partially. Very big it is the sum for a family.

Researches have shown that, if the child proimplantirovan at the age of 2-2,5 years an order of 50 % of children go to comprehensive school. If KI it is made in 1 year - 60-65 % can study at comprehensive school and if operation is made at the age of 6-9 months this percent increases to 80 ", i.e. the operation, the better for the child earlier will be spent!!!!!!!!!!

We ask not indifferent people to render feasible material aid and to present Nastenke possibility to hear the world!!!

The earlier operation will be made, the faster the child will hear the world, will start to talk, will normally develop.

Parent of Nasti:

Obischenko Stanislav Andsreevich of ph. +3 8 066-039-19-07 (Ukraine)

I got all the documents to proof this is all is not a fake.

if u want to help, please e-mail to fill.trance@gmail.com