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Full Version: Need Some Help
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i really am struggling right now to be in my own skin. ive just started university, been here 10 weeks and ive just had a breakdown thinking about my childhood again.

i cant talk to anybody as i dont know anybody well enough to tell something like that to. i just dont kno what to do anymore.

ive resorted to sitting in my room n i cant stop crying. i feel ashamed of myself, a 22 year old man crying his eyes out.

i cant sleep as i cant turn the light off, all i think about is what use to happen to me.

if somebody could just please talk to me, it would be the best thing thats happened all day. thanks.
Crying is great don't be ashamed of it. There has been so many times in my life where I wished I could cry but I can't. Mental conditioning from childhood. So that part of you is awesome already! smile.gif And university is great too.

Well talking is two way so, after you. What do you want to talk to somebody about?
please dont feel ashamed for whats happened to you. it is not your fault. i think university is overwhelming you, dont give up on your schooling but when your not doing school work maybe try looking up therapists in your area. i think itd be great help if you just find someone you feel comfortable talking to. i was sexually abused as a child and the best thing that helped me was to accept that it is not your fault at all and that you should find a therapist or counselling, just someone you can talk too. if you ever need anything plz dont hesitate to email me, talking is the best medicine (in my opinion smile.gif) good luck and stay strong.
hi, I agree with the last comments. Crying alone is hard. Crying with a good therapist will help to ease the pain, eventually. I swear. It took me years for the crying to stop (I had been crying alone since I was a small child) Crying was not accepted in the family and abuse was tolerated and unspoken. Please be brave and find someone you can trust to witness your pain and suppport you and hold you. It really works and you are worth the effort. You will be a better, more sensitive, more caring and understanding person for others if you find a way to heal your own pain. Good luck. You are not alone!
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