My name is Amy and I have been a supermarket cashier since last January. I never knew how sad this position could be during the Thanksgiving season. It is hard to believe how many people can barely afford to put food on their table. Then I have other customers who are checking out full carts of food for pennies on the dollar. I found out that these people are using this program at The sad reality is that they are paying the same amount of money for a full Thanksgiving meal that other less fortunate people are paying to get cold cuts and chips for Thanksgiving. I am happy to say that I have already been able to help several of the less fortunate people and they are now using this program too. So many of my customers that use this program have slashed their grocery bills by over 70% all year long. During this holiday season we must help each other out. If you know of anyone struggling or just anyone needing or wanting to save money please share this information with them. Have a happy Thanksgiving to all!