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Full Version: Stubborn Elderly Parent
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Here goes, hope someone can help!!
I purchased my Father's home in 2006 from him and he gave the money to my siblings. I was suppose to support him for the rest of his life.
Now, my health and my spouses health has deteriorated and we no longer live in the house and wish to sell it. My Father refuses to leave saying we said we would keep it for him.
I feel really bad about this, but don't see any other way out. My five siblings are against me and some are wanted more money from me for them if I renig on the deal.
Help? any one know any legal ways that they can hurt me it I sell?
Thanks so much
If your made your father that kind of promise then from a moral standpoint your obligated to keep the home until he is no longer able to live there himself. I know I didn't have to say that but I'm not the type to ignore moral obligation.

As for any legal issues, depending on what state you live in and what was agreed to both verbally and in writing you might find yourself in deep dodo really fast. If your serious about selling the house I suggest you get yourself a good lawyer.

I hate to not sound supportive here, and perhaps that why no one else has replied, to renig on a promise like that is pretty drastic. I do however understand how circumstances can and do change in life, I won't pretend to know what or how your feeling about this, for me it would me a absolute nightmare and I pray I never have to make that kind of decision as I am in a similar situation with my fathers small ranch.

So there is my 2 cents worth for what it may be worth.


i know i have no right you tell you this, but as a daughter i would keep my promise towards your dad; because elderly people get upset easily. as our parents grows older they are really stubborn and it's part of the aging process. just keep your promise cause every problem there is a solution.
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