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Full Version: So Lost! What Do I Do?
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When i was around 11 years old my mom started getting really sick. While she was in the hospital or sick at home my step dad who i fully considered to be the only dad i knew started raping and molesting me any chance he got intil i was almost 15 yrs old. i never felt like i could tell anyone i didnt want anyone to feel like it was there fault. now that i am 22 i am having to face the issue more now then ever i just recently told my mom what happened but not any details i cant find the strength inside myself to talk about it. i jus recently decided to talk to a detective but its hard to know that everyone is going to know details of what happened and that he denies it ever happened. i know once this goes to court all there going to do is run me into the ground and it sux i cant deal with anything emotionally and i know that im scarrd and dont know how to heal or deal with it. does anyone have any suggestions?
WOW... im so sorry for what youve had to go through. dealing with this is going to be hard but so worth it in the end. i strongly suggest going and talking to someone... other than a detective of course. he would be great for the legal part of all this but not the emotional and mental issues. i went to a therapist and now going to a mental health nurse and it ahs helped me improve greatly. i was also molested as a child and it lasted many years. 3 years ago when i was 20 i decided to finally deal with everything so i went and got help and it has improved m so much. now i saw that you said you told your mom... howd that go over? does she beleive you and support you? hope this helps, stay strong smile.gif
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