Its all a huge mess and hopefully wont confuse anyone
my brother was living with his ex girlfriend and 3 children for many years until they had there daughter , i know i shouldve called them 10 years ago my sister in law grabbed her daughter and wouldnt stop kicking her i threatened them if they touched any of the kids like that again id call social sevices they promised me it was a one off , stupid me i feel aweful,the girls now 16 and all children have been taken into care all 3 as 1 is 19 and being looked for by the police , when my step neice was 13 her mum let her drink and smoke and had an 18 year old boyfriend living there in her bed , not only that the mother also knew her brother was also having intercorse with her , i feel sick just thinking about it , my brother finished the relationship and started seeing a new woman they told me when they bathed her she was black and blue all over with hundreds of flea bites and she then came out with at 9 yrs old that her mother had hit her with a stick , not only that they said she stunk and hadnt been bathed for over a week,she has an older brother going on 20 and my niece has said she wasnt happy as he was with another girl and they were suppose to be boyfriend and girlfriend she said her bother had snogged her but then went quiet , her youngest brother whos 14 was caught in the act of abusing her still they did nothing aoart from tell me months later , so i called social services all 3 are in care apart from one whos 19 and on the run and my nephew whos nearly 20 is also in hiding , people are saying im rude calling them
the kids were crying and social services wont tell me a thing all i know is there looking for the 2 brothers and my ex sister in law is locked up my brother blames me but i cant understand why he never put a stop to this 10 years ago also yes me to but i had no idea this was going on am i wrong please any support or advice would be greatful , i have 5 hildren 2 with adhd im disabled myself and the oldest brother has threatened to cut all our throats up and kill all my children , what do i do ive no evidence on this threat either help please sad.gif i realy dont want my neice to stay in care im willing to take her on myself , how do i go about it ?