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Full Version: Struggling
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Hi -

I'm reaching out and trying to network for my & my children's benefits. I'm a mom of twin toddlers, the joy of my life! I have recently (6 months) left an abusive relationship and am now going through the divorce/custody battle. I struggle with all the emotions from joy & gladness of finally being free; to sadness, anger and frustration over the shared custody arrangment ordered by the court.

He was verbally abusive to us all three and I have documentation to prove (at least I thought) it. My attorney says my abuser skated just underneath the legal definition of abuse... so how do I fight for and protect my children from his maliciousness? Does anyone have any resources that put-downs, cursing, yelling, etc is verbal abuse or do I just have to be "the victim" and now allow my children to be the "victims" of his aggressive behavior?

Well you would think your lawyer would know what they are talking about but we also can get some lazy lawyers who just want your money. But the only thing I can suggest is requesting supervised visits due to his mental abuse and requesting he take classes such as parenting anger and mental abuse classes. That is a fair request and I have always believed in it never hurts to ask cuz you will never know otherwise.

Trust me I have let my ex control and manipulate me for years and he has also done it to my kids. So do whatever you feel necessary and don't let your ex manipulate you do what's best for those babies...

Good Luck! :0)
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