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Full Version: A Sibling Molested By Sibling
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it pains me to even type the words. I am the oldest of three children. My youngest brother told me that my middle brother molested him while they were children. he 5 my other brother 10. he has only remember this as of about 9 months ago. and clearly remembers it now and sure it was not a dream as he once thought. some instances apparently also involve a cousin that was also 5 at the time. we are all adults now. this is tearing him up as we have a very close family. I am the only one that knows of this. I have said he should see a counsler, and tell him wife as soon as he has the courage.
i have asked if he as ever brought this up with my cousin to maybe confirm, but he says no, nothing has ever been said about it to anyone.

I have promised not to say anything of this as said he will sort this out himself.

Other than support him I am at a total loss as to what I can do!

can anyone advise?

this has completely thrown my reality into a tailspin.
i strongly encourage you to tell your brother to get help asap. not dealing with what happened to him will not help. it took me like 12 years to talk about my life and its harder that it took so long. i think you both should go to counselling. because your the only one that knows itll be hard on you too. i hope that helps smile.gif
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