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Full Version: I Really Need Help
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I was molested only once by a stranger it lasted only seconds but it has ruined my relaionships with men. I have put it out of my mind for all my life and now at 52 I have finally admitted to myself that it happened and that all the relationships with men have been tainted by this act.I seem to have a self discruct button in every relationship and if i feel hurt or rejected i turn into that 12 girl with so much anger. I need to get help I don't want to live like this anymore.I want to have a normal man woman relasionship without turning into a bunny boiler.
i am so sorry for what you had to go through. i dont think the fact that it happened once when you were 12 matters, i think what matters is that you were still molested and deserve to tell your story. ive read that alot of people hold it in for as along as possible but it comes out sometime. i think you should proud of youself at 52 to come on here and tell your story. its such a brave and courageous thing to do for yourself. i was also abused for 8 years and im just dealing with it now. i think when it comes to your relationships with men, you need to maybe tell them (when your in a relationship) why you do the things you do and tell him your story. once i told my husband what happened to me he was much more understanding with the way i act and the things i do when it comes to our relationship. also maybe going to see a counselor would really benefit you. stay strong smile.gif
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