I was five years old when it all began and it didn't stop till i was thirteen years old and finally told my boyfriend. He then told me i had to tell my sisters or someone i trusted. So i called my sisters they were out here faster than i could imagine. I told them for eight years the man we trusted and called our grandfather the man that was supposed to support us, help us, and show us the world isn't all bad did the complete opposite of all of that. I told them how he would touch me all over very inappropriately and do things to me i had not yet even experienced with a boy my own age who i wanted to. This was probably one of the hardest moments through out the whole affair my parents asked question i moved out to my sisters for a while to feel more protected farther away from him. My mother seems to kind of shut out what happend for a while she still made me see the man who took my innocence from me at such a young age. she finally stopped my seeing him all together when he tried again and i told my boyfriend now of a year and seven months who took me straight to my sisters when he found out it happened it again. He knows my whole story and is completely supportive will listen to me talk, cry, or hear out my stories when i can't sleep or need someone to talk to. This whole situation has made me not want to trust men at all and i am afraid to go anywhere on my own i am a very shy person because opening up is hard for me to do when it comes to trusting people. I am trying to become i survivor of this and become a stronger person i feel that i already am becoming stronger and not so much as the victim anymore. I recently completely opened up and let God into my life and i feel he's already showing me the way to go and how to deal with this. Joining this site will hopefully add on into what God wants for me. Letting people know my story and seeing others. I will tell you three words that completely got me to the point where i realized God was what i really wanted in my life and it was when someone said "God knows too" he knows what you feel and how you feel and he is always there for you and the only one who can trully help you get through what your going through. I hope to find more of that here and hope all of you can also.