i was sexually molested by a boy in my class all throughout 6th grade. he touched and rubbed me all over especially on my chest and vagina. i never told cuz he punched me in the stomach and threatened to beat me up if i told anyone. we ended up in the same high school where he found me and molested me in a bathroom. he cornered me in a stall and touched and rubbed me all over just like in 6th grade. he tried to rape me too but i fought him off. he punched me in the face & threatened to kill me so i kept quiet. he got a hold of me one last time during prom. i was again in the bathroom and he came in and backed me into a corner. he touched and rubbed me underneath my dress for a few minutes before laughing and leaving me alone shaking and crying, overwhelmed with the feelings of shame & dirtiness.
now im 29 yrs old and this has all resurfaced in 1 night when my boyfriend confronted me about coming onto forums and not talking to him. i cant get this crap out of my head. i can literally feel fingers touching me everywhere. i feel ashamed that i wasn't strong enough to tell on the boy and i feel dirty all over.