Many of the elderly and the disabled have problems comfortably maneuvering over the traditional bathtub rim while getting in and out of the tub. Fortunately there is a wonderfully affordable solution to these problems, as we now manufacture walk in bathtubs.

Walk-in bathtubs have a door so that disabled people or those with limited mobility can easily get in and out, without having to step over a high rim. The person steps in, closes the self-sealing door, and then fills the tub.Allowing them to safely and comfortably enjoy bathing.

Medibagno walk in tubs is the best walk in baths for elderly and disabled citizen's independent living aids.

The safety bathtubs are made under American standard walk in baths.There are many styles of walk in bathtub products in our company
You can choose the best one for your bathroom.For small bathroom there is small walkin bathtub and outward swing door.

For larger bathroom we have 54" long and extension skirt to fit 60" .

And there are many function choice available: Soaker walk in tub,air jetted walk in bath tub with air massage hydrotherapy ,hydromassage walk in bath tub with water jets,ozone ,etc.,At pressent our air massage walk in tub with heating element is the most popular in the market.Just take a look at our blog to learn more about walk in tubs to see what benefit you can get from our walk in tubs,and build safety bathroom.