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Hi. I'm new to this forum and would like any advice you may have. My son, 24 years old, is home from court ordered rehab due to a medical reason which required surgery....His surgery has been done and he is recovering but they tell us he won't be allowed back in rehab for another month due to paperwork, etc. In the meantime, our concern is how we can best help him stay clean. If he test positive for anything when he goes back to his rehab, he'll immediately be taken to jail and then will go to prison for his charge which was drug related.....As it is, he has the ultimate opportunity to do the court ordered rehab and then have the charge taken off of his record. Our history has been that he does what he wants and doesn't think about the consequences until it's on top of him. We've told him that if he gets in trouble or needs a lawyer that we won't pay, he'll have to go with an assigned lawyer and that we'll love him but he'll be on his own to work it out.....So far, so good, we're just worried because he was barely into rehab and may not have the ability to say no if any of his old "friends" happen to drop by, etc........Are we overreacting....??
Hey my sympathies are with your son. i would recommend you to talk to your son and guide him proeprly. be calm and dont worry. everything will be alright. take as much care as you can of your son and talk to him in a friendly manner. I am sure your problem will be solved
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