With all due respect for the members and participants at this forum, I wish to share my first hand experience and knowelege on this very sesitive and volitile subject.

Any quick scan of the Internet reveals any number of websites where self proclaimed "Mental Health Experts" go into vivid detail about their knowlege about Pedophilia. They firmly describe it as a serious desease, metnal disorder or ciminal personality type. I proclain that it can never be compared to any other sort of sexual oretation like homosexuality etc.

I offer the following for your anaysis:

Pedophilia is a kind of sexual orentation, just like any other including homosexuality. Anyone who knows the Gay culture knows also that Homosexuals also have certain sharply defined taste categories defined by age groupings. For example: gays refere to young men roughly between the ages of 18 and 25 as "Twinks" and there is a corrsponding category of homosexual men whos orentation falls into this narrow category. Next to come in the Gay cultural jargon is "Beefcake". These are men roughly between the ages of 25 and 45. The kajority of Gay men fall into this tatse category. The is also a sharply defined group of Gay men who actually feel most attracted to older, mor mature males. They typically search out men who have gray hair and mature figures to take on as mates. One category not mentioned in the group of homosexual men who have a strong preference for teenage, (yet fully sexually ripe), boys roughly between the ages of 14 and 18. It is typical for male sexual orentation to be thus finely tuned and any truely honest Gay man will verify what I write here. Also: It should be noted that male sexuality differs generally from that of the female: Gay men, although they are perfectly capable of forming long term loving relationships, also have a eternally roving eye. Even Gays who form "marriages" still look around for extra marital activity within their "Gay community". This is the nature of male sexuality.

Pedophilia literally means "childlove". Childlovers worship children and consider them to be superior to adults. Nothin makes apedophile happier that to give children joy and empowerment. Nothing more repulsive that the thought of causing them distress or pain. Pedophilia is not am incurable mental disorder; form of mental illness; nor type of criminal mentality. THe mere fact that an individual feels erotic attraction for children does not make that person automatically a criminal or raving madman.

Are streight men, who experience strong sexual arousal around women also automatically to be condidered rapers of women?
Is it common for streight men to murder women because they fel sexual attraction for them? Please do not get excited and feverish, just answer the question honestly. I am attempting to have a sober discussion.

Pedophiles are productive members of society, at all levels of society and are not out-of-control predators. Attemptemts to wipe out Pedophilia are futile. Mother Nature brings forth a new pedophile every day. Society needs to be more honest and sober about human sexuality. This can only be accomplished through sober, patient science and not political warmongering.