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Full Version: Need Advise For 11 Yr Old Son I Think Has Bipolar Disorder
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My son just turned 11 March 25th and has been having problems with his behavior in school since 1st grade. He picks on other kids and gets very angry and has outbursts. The teachers are at their wits end with him. He does see a child physchologist which he has been with him since 1st grade but I don't think he is prescribing the right medicince for him. He diagnosed him with ADHD in the first grade and Jacob has been taking meds ever since then. They have tried alot of different ones but none seem to help him. He gets headaches really bad all the time. I had a teacher conference last night and they said he has ups and downs all the time and think he has alot more issue other than the ADHD. They said he cried at school yesterday and was very emotional. He just started this having trouble sleeping at night about a month now. He has always and still wants us to keep our door open all night and has to have his fan on and a radio on for noise. He always asks me "did you make sure the doors are locked"? everynight!! He also has the family dog sleep with him and i have to put a gate up on his bedroom door so the dog stays in there with him. We have never had anyone break in and nothing dramatic has happend to him!! He grabs his throat at night and says it hurts and he can't breath which i think he is having an anxiety attack. He just started that about a month ago. One night he was doing that and begging me to help him be a normal kid Please mom can you help me? that broke my heart!! I can't take this anymore and I want my son to be happy! He's never happy and always worrying about what people think of him. He's always saying he's stupid and he hates himself. I don't know what to do. Seems like the Dr don't want to hear that he just wants to throw meds at him. Please if anyone knows or has a kid like this please let me know. I need to know what to do with him, he's so hard to get along with! I need to mention my dad and sister are both bipolar. My dad is a grump and thinks everyone talks about him behind his back and my sister don't leave her house and is very judgemental.
Maybe you should try a different doctor? I have a daughter who is Bipolar and she is now over 18. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 5 and we tried a lot of different meds. Every time we thought one worked there were problems. I fired every doctor who would not listen to her or to me until one day we found a great doctor who really cares. Recently we had my daughter re-evaluated and dropped most of her meds...the change was amazing! You did not mention what meds your son is on but if it is a stimulant that could be causing the headaches and possibly some anger or irritation. I also pulled my daughter out of public school and home schooled her for a while and noticed a big difference. Your son could be suffering from a number of things from bipolar to social anxiety to separation again I suggest a new doctor who listens to you.
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