Hello, Im not sure if i am posting this in the right spot but I needed to find a forum for support with these issues that I am daline with. We just started counseling for my husbands porn addiction, Its a lot to take in. Im not even sure he wants to do better but he knows that Im not going through it anymore. I have been through so uch even as bad as him leacing me in the hospital after the birth of our son to come home and spend the day looking at porn. Everytime I leave the house he is back at it. I recently added filtering software to our computers but then I found a porn collection he swore he didnt have. Ive beeen as far as having a tummy tuck 4 wks ago and I was 5'1 and 135 bedore I had it. He has brought my self esteem down so much that I feel worthless. Im even at the point of giving up on what I want, need and believe in so he had have his way. If anyone could gice me any advice or hope I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you