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Full Version: I Do Not Like White People Help Me!
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Hey , im a young man who comes from middle east. My fathers brothers both married caucasians and i do not like them. The women are gold-diggers and have poor education. One of them "claims" to be a lawyer , the other is a show-off. They treat me like dirt. I am tired of living around white women who were once maids and now have millions. I despise white people.

How can you help me.
You seem to be basing your opinion on just a couple of white women. There are both men and women the world over whatever skin colour, race etc who are exactly as you describe, but this has nothing to do with what skin colour they are.

What you are describing is their behaviour and personality - this is very short sighted of you.

Don't brand folk simply because of their skin colour. Who the person is, is what matters most - not the colour of their skin.
Racism is actually based on fear, so you are afraid of white women, and rightfully so, because you have been wronged and have seen some pretty nasty white people it seems. It\'s a defense mechanism, to generalize people into one category. Though not all of us white people are bad smile.gif It\'s a human thing. And I\'m sorry for how the women acted. That\'s not okay that they\'re gold diggers and what not and are rude to you smile.gif The person above me doesn\'t seem to be very sympathetic, probably because they feel threatened. You are allowed to feel the way you feel, and should not feel guilty about it. Just don\'t act out and hurt someone, which I don\'t think you are going to do. I\'m not sure what a quick fix is for getting over this, but I think you could start with associating white people with something good, or thinking of a good white person. Like Abraham Lincoln, or Mother Teresa. Just knowing that not all white people are bad is a start. When you feel safe, you will be able to get over this if you so choose. I appreciate that you\'re willing to try and get over this as many people are not. I suspect that a time will come where you will find a white person who is truly a kind and wonderful person, who you can trust and relate to, who will help you with your difficulties by showing you, through the way they live and act, that they are trustworthy and safe and not gold diggers who treat you like dirt. good luck.
Are you serious about hating white women? or people, cause I am not really sure about what you are saying. Are you living in the United States currently? or are you still living in a middle eastern country? Are you trying to assimilate into a new culture here in the United States so that you have a better understanding of people and different ways, or are you still thinking of your middle eastern ways? The women of the United States are generally very educated, and while there might be some of light skinned. Most all of us are of immigrant status, meaning that all of our ancestors came from some other country. I do have many friends for various middle eastern countries and I do know that women treat men differently there, and women are treated quite a bit differently there as well. The United States is a Democratic country, while most Middle Eastern countries are not. Disliking someone solely on the basis of their skin color seems to be a great loss on your part, and it seems like maybe you are feeling a bit slighted maybe. In the United States it is not permitted, and is against the law to act as though you are an attorney at law. So I am sure that this person you speak of is in fact an attorney, and not a fraud at all. And if your uncle's chose these women, they indeed loved them dearly. Sometimes we need to look further than what is skin deep. In the United States we are made up of various colors, and we do not judge on the basis of colors. Thank God, because I am made up of many colors. I was born in this great country, and my ancestors were Indian, Spanish, Swedish, and English.
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