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This is my first time on a forum. My mother has been battling with alcoholism and drug addiction ever since I was a young child. I am now 26 years old. My mother is going through yet another relapse. I know she is because she disappeared for a month now and the only contact I received from her is text messages. I feel very alone and hurt right now because I am in my last month of pregnancy and my mother promised me she would be here to support me. I sent her over $400 to come and stay with me for a while and she took the money and never showed up. I live alone with my husband in a new city and I haven't yet had a chance to make any new friends. I really don't have any other family members I can rely on. I guess everything is getting to me. Before I felt stronger to be able to deal with this, but this time I can't stop crying! IT may be because I am pregnant. I blame my mother. How can she do this to me? I have always been there for her to support her. Time after time she always disappoints me and I seem to forgive her and she does things like this over again. I thought about just keeping her out of my life, but then I start to miss her and feel lonely for family support. I don't know what to do anymore. Is it best to keep her out my life? or is it worth working on our relationship. But then again is she willing to meet me half way. And the big question is she ready and willing to work on our relationship. I just don't want to get hurt like this anymore. Plus I have a baby to start thinking of.
This is certainly a very difficult situation,you are pregnant and alone.moreover the only person you can rely on is your mother who is knee deep into drugs.I dont think throwing her out of your life completely should be an option but yes do not rely on her in such crucial moments like the one you are facing now. sympathize with her ,inspire her to go for rehabitation program.
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