You want to save as much money on gas as you can, but there are some things you may not be aware of that are causing you to spend unnecessary money. Write down the items that you may be missing and incorporate them to your car and driving habits.

  • Look for credit card discounts - Some credit cards offer gas savings when you use the card for purchases. This works in much the same way that some credit card companies give you frequent flyer miles when you use their card for purchases.
  • Wait until your car is almost empty - Don't fill until near empty. If you do this, it can extend your gas because you are hauling a lighter load as the tank nears empty. On cold days, however, you may not want to do this. Running a car with less fuel can be harder on the fuel pump life
  • - This website called gas buddy will tell you where the deals are before you leave the house. Prices are statistically the cheapest on Wednesdays.
  • Listen to traffic reports - It's practically impossible to scan the radio without hitting a traffic report. Use them to avoid jams and other delays.
  • Don't accelerate going up hill - Don't accelerate up a hill. When approaching it, build up speed before the incline then maintain on the way up - and of course you can coast down without using the accelerator
  • Use your right foot only - To avoid riding the brake and wasting gas, use only your right foot to control both pedals.
  • Avoid unnecessary hard stops - Panic or hard stops will also cost you. Try to anticipate stop signs and traffic lights so you don’t accelerate more than you have to.
  • Drive evenly as much as possible - Drive evenly with a steady foot. Don't jiggle the accelerator. Quick starts - are a quick way to the poorhouse, and burn gas unnecessarily.
  • * Get a GPS - A moderately priced GPS unit will pay for itself in wasted time and wasted gas. It's ideal for the directionally challenged or those of us who are just too embarrassed to ask directions
  • Avoid warming up your car - Avoid long warm-ups. Even on cold mornings, your car doesn't need more than a minute to get ready to go. Anything more and you're just wasting expensive fuel.

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