I've been married for 2 years. The first year we were married we bought a few parakeets. My husband managed to accidently kill all of them. Not all at once but one by one. We had 4 total and 3 he killed by bathing. He'd hold them under the faucet in the sink. I asked him several times not to do that but he just said "they'll be fine." I was only around when one of them died. He told me they were accidents but 3/4 of them died as a result of him doing that to them. The fourth one hurt her foot and he kept picking at it and wouldnt let it heal. She eventually died because it got badly infected.
After that I said no more pets for awhile. Well after about 8 months we got a puppy. She was really cute and sweet but a lot of work. Housebreaking her was tough because she was very sensitive. She didnt handle discipline well so instead of getting mad at her I rewarded her for going outside. She caught on and was doing great. Well then I got pregnant and had morning really badly so my husband was the one who mostly took care of her. Like I said earlier she was very sensitive and for some reason if she got into trouble my husband would keep her upset. He'd tease and torment her to make her cry. When I caught him doing that to her Id tell him to leave her alone. He wouldnt listen to me and she became terrified of him. She developed a sever anxiety problem and was urinating all over the house over the tiniest thing. I didnt know what to do so we decided to find a new home for her because I couldnt get my husband to leave her alone and she had become so bad that we had to keep her outside. She was a mess and I hated seeing her like this so when we couldnt find any one to take her I suggested we take her to a shelter where they could find a good home for her.
The day we planned to take her to a shelter he got up early to give her a bath and drowned her instead. I was horrified. I was still asleep when he did it and he told me what he had done afterwards saying no one would have wanted her. Im freaking out. I think he needs help. Im reaching the end of my pregnancy now and Im a little worried for my babies safety. He's never hurt me or abused me so I dont know if this aggression is just towards animals or not.
He said he's willing to seek help for it but Im still a little scared of him now and I dont know what to do. The whole thing with the birds I just brushed off as careless stupidity on his part because he told me they were accidents. Now Im not so sure.