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Full Version: Eating Disorder
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I am very ill with an eating disorder, and if I do not have God's help it will just destroy me. please please, any feedback or support would be appreciated
Hi Cindy,
Isnt it just the worse feeling being controlled by something like an eating disorder? What sort of eating disorder do you have? I have no way out to offer you..only you can find that. For me personally, bulimia and anorexia were big things in my life for about six years. Once I realised how much I wanted to get out of living in hell, I needed to find out where to get help. i am a private person and didnt want to go to group therapy or anything like that. I bought ALOT of self help books, spent a lot of time writing down my feelings instead of eating...I wrote down feelings whenever I wanted to throw up or beat myself up. I tried writing love letters to myself to tell myself how beautiful I was....I realised tat I was in a bad relationship with a guy who was not giving me much attention and so I was constantly trying to make myself look better for him but I was turning into a psycho. I just want you to know that you can get through this. Keep posting if you need someone to talk to.

Please reach out for help...its a tough thing to do on your own...
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