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Full Version: Help Me To Make My Son Know The Right Ways For His Abs Exercises
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Hi people, everyone has concerns about the well being of their child I too have some. Lately, he is getting mad to get the abs (six pack abs as they call it). I don’t think that this is something bad but the ways he is trying is a bit crazy. He believes all that is being told to him and I can’t figure out how he can get them without training the right way with the right exercises. I think that I am being a little cautious but I need you people to help me finding a good way to get the six packs he wants with some good ways.

Thanks for taking time to read this and hope that you come up with some good suggestions.
Cautious…I think that you are reacting a bit too much…but even I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes …I guess! It’s important to know that exercises without a proper guidance or instructions can harm the muscles and you need to take a note on this. My brother, who is also a exercise freak…was on the same ship as your son for how to get six pack abs and later he found a great guide that not only made him have them but in a proper way that was comfortable to his physical and mental well-being. You can give it a look (try the link).
Have you considered offering him a gym membership or find him a personal trainer that he can get with that can teach him some proper techniques??
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