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Full Version: Husband Moved Out To Drink
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My husband of 13 years moved out because I could not approve of his drinking. He says he wants to be able to come home and drink everynight without someone disapproving of it. He says he loves me, but he is tired of hurting me. He says still wants to see each other and stay married.
I'm very sorry this is happening. To an alcoholic, nothing is more important than drinking. The best thing for him and the best chance for your relationship is to cut off all support of him, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, etc. If he wants to drink enough to move out, he's already declared his true love. Addicts lie, so they can get sopport for their addiction. He may be trying to manipulate you in this way. If it looks like he's losing you, he might decide it's worth quitting. If you're not that important to him, what have you lost?
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