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Full Version: Phobia Recovery And The Bar Cycle
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Phobias can seriously limit our lives, careers and relationships, by keeping us from trying, risking and growing. The anxiety we experience can lead to depression and other very serious health conditions. What's worse is how phobias make us feel about ourselves. This article will...

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"How do I deal with my fears and phobias," you ask? My journey with fears started when I was a young girl. I was an anxious child who had an anxious fear ridden mother and a father who was unsympathetic to my mother's fears, which only escalated my fears and anxiety. As I grew older, I tried to understand my mom's fears but couldn't. So to make a long story short, I am now an adult woman (50 yrs of age). I have tried many different things throughout the years to overcome my fears, from long term therapy to medications, etc. And here is what worked for me and cured me of my fears and phobias: GOD. I know that statement sounds lame, but it is the truth nonetheless. God helped me to go straight to the core fears that every human has and deal with them. And yes, getting rid of my fears was like taking thin layers off one at a time. I prayed and asked God to help me. My exact prayer was this: "God, I am coming to you to ask you to help me with my fears. I know fears are not of you or from you. I am not an evil person, God. You know my heart and you know I am telling you the truth. God, the bible states that whatever we ask of you, it shall be given. So I am asking you to take my free will back and own me and be in charge of me from this day forward. I am asking you to remove all of my fears from me because I know they are not from you. Amen." So that was the start of me over-coming my fears. None of the different therapeutic or psychological sessions helped. None of the medications helped either. It was just me and God and nothing else. Every day when I would wake up, God would show me or lead me to exactly what I needed to know or hear to help me. And after about 2 yrs, I stepped out on a tiny limb of faith for God, and that was the end of my fears and the beginning of a new life with God too.

I really simplified my story here or otherwise I would have to write a book to tell you every awesome detail about my journey from being an extreme Agoraphobic who had many other phobias too, to becoming free from them through God.

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to let you know how God helped me. And no, I won't ask for some fee. God gave me freedom so that I could in return, give others the knowledge that set me free (smile).

God Bless each and everyone of you!

Kelly ~ + ~
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