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Full Version: New Forums For Sexual Addictions And Substance Abuse
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This is a note to let you know your favorite topics may have moved to one of our two new forums 1. Alcoholism and Drug Addictions 2. Pornography and Sexual Addictions

If you wish to receive email notifications on either of the above two topics, you must subscribe to that forum. If you received this notice via RSS feed, all addiction topics will still be included.

The reason we added these forums is the large amount of traffic we're receiving on these topics. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.
1..2...3..testing, hie to all of yah, I am a new member, I just came across this website on google search and saw the cries of people who havea similar problem as I do. But before going further, somebody please send me an ACK so that I be sure that I really am in.

Cheers to all of yah, may the GOOD LORD shower you with all the strength that you need. to overcome.
Welcome Suge,

Find an appropriate string to participate on or start your own.

We are all here striving to help each other.

In His service
Tiggeronmv unsure.gif
Thanks a lot Tiggeronmv (I hope I got the name right). Guys I got encouraged when I read through this thread, the most important thing I have leant from you guys is never to give up. The devil is playing dirty with our minds and we need to fight. But we can not do this on our own, we need the strength from God, we need God to guide us through.

I pray that we conquer, I pray that we make it through, that we take heed when He speaks to us.

God bless you guys and empower u to withstand and resist the devil and set your free from the fetters of sin.

Cheers to all of yah....

Jesus says that he whom he sets free is free indeed...ponder upon these words guys.
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