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Full Version: My Wrist Wont Heal
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I was on a school excusion a while ago and i sprained my wrist and injured my back. everyone piled on to a double decker boat and it was an awesome as experiance but nearing the end of the trip i fell from the top story to the bottom deck. OUCH! it did'nt hurt at the time but my wrist ached so i put a brace on it and by the end of the day my arm was killing me. i went to the doctors they told me i'd done the right thing, the x-rays say its not broke but it wont heal! writing and typing is fine but anything like throwing a ball or even waving is excrutiating. i'm 14 and normally anything i sprian heals in like 3 weeks( i've had heaps of experiance lol) but this one just wont go away. anyone no what i can do?
I'd say go back to the doctor and make sure there are no loose bone fragments or damage to the connective tissues. The wrist is a very complex joint and sometimes damage doesn't show itself immediately. If there really were no breaks, the doctor should be able to give you some exercises to regain full range of motion...painful, but worth doing if you'll get it all back.
If the ligaments are slightly torn, it takes longer to heal than just an over-stretched ligament. Make sure you're eating healthy so your body has the right nutrients for repair.

-Before you use the wrist for sports, massage it ( rub the area really fast so it heats up a bit) and lightly stretch it through it's full range of motion after it is warmed up to prevent further injury.

-ice the joint after lots of excercise to reduce swelling so blood can flow more freely to the area and speed healing and consider taking ibuprophen, which also help to reduce swelling and facilitate healing.

I have lots of experience nursing minor injuries from years of martial arts! hang in there. If you take good care of it, and protect it it will heal. If you don't take good care of it, you risk breaking your wrist....I have experience with breaking a wrist, too, and you don't want to go there.
thnx guys, i went to the doctor and he gave me iboprufen blah it disgusting! oh and a wrist brace with a metal plate. so now im like a walking accident ugh all these scars and crap. i'll try ur advice Aum thnx very muchly!
You are a very bright person!
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