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Full Version: Ideas For Self Employment
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Many of us, like me, don't have a clue what we're doing when we set out to be self-employed. Along with giving you some ideas I know work, with this article, I'm hoping to save you the years of earning nothing it took me to finally put something together applying my strengths and resources to the current market. If you properly plan how to use your abilities in the marketplace, you can be profitable rather quickly in some business areas. Here are some...

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Very nice article Glen...!

At the end of it, you asked if we have any other ideas for self-employment and I would be glad to shrare what I've found.

It was back in December of '04 that I stumbled upon a really good web site - one that actually had real helpful content with no hype at all. That web site was for a company called (deleted) and I have loved that company ever since.

You see, when I found that site, I was looking in every corner and everywhere I could for a way to earn money from my computer because I had previously been involved in a very severe auto accident - one that had left me in a coma for 40 days, followed by 13 months in three different hospitals for rehabilitation.

Well, since I knew I would be disabled for life and that I could not work a regular job, I knew I had to find something productive I could do online from my home computer and I found it .

I had no idea what I was looking for nor did I know what I could offer to earn any money at all but I was dead set on finding something and that is exactly what I did.

As I read the web site, it was talking about this program they had created that would enable anyone to build a Top 1% site that could possibly receive more than 10,000 free visitors per day and I was very interested. I invested the $299 to get my own site which was good for one full year and I engaged in hours & hours of really fun & enjoyable work on my computer (what may have been fun for me - spending hours & hours on my PC, often till 3 in the morning may not be fun, enjoyable or even possible for anyone else). I was learning how to build a site that the Search Engines would like and that would earn a SE ranking in the Top 1% of all sites in the world.

Although, after a terrible turn of events, I am once again in need of some help. (really...after four years and 299 a year building this company?) I have been able to keep my site for the past two years but it was more like a learning experience than anything else and now I am ready to start earning some real money but I don't have enough to renew my membership. (hmmm)

Maybe that help will come from you and maybe not but I need to find someone who can help me purchase another web site for $299 (that price will never go up either).

If you are interested in helping me, you can contact me (no you can't...I've removed the membership for his rules violation).
Nice try! I'm editing your article and leaving it up as an example of a particularly crafty violation of our rules.

Visitors, steer clear of anyone who violates his word to get to you or makes impossible promises like "top 1% website"

Steer clear of anyone trying to sell you a kit, service or process to build your business...that's not your's his.
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