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12 May 2017
The outside world to judge www.boardgamesofold.com, this will be a heavy blow to real estate group, house prices in the short term will be rational return. Indeed, the transfer of second - hand housing business tax levy from two years to five years, from the logic, by increasing the real estate speculators of the transaction costs, pay taxes, thereby reducing the real estate speculators hand cycle, Speculative behavior, which led to the return of house prices rational. This logic implied the premise that since March this year, the record highs of second - hand housing transaction volume and the price of the culprit is speculative property behavior. Indeed, at the end of last year the government on the healthy development of real estate to promote a series of favorable policies under the guidance of the real estate market from the real economy fundamentals to pick up, in Europe and the United States market crashing out of the case out of a stunning upsurge, real estate Who did play a role in fueling it. And not long ago, the author of Zhejiang private business owners of the questionnaire is that investment in second - hand housing is a private business owners have become the first choice. In this way, the high prices of the board hit the real estate in the ass on the ass, at least not wrong to kill. However, it is well known that the real cause of irrational prosperity of real estate this year is not speculation in real estate speculators.
10 May 2017
First, the first half of the 7.8% growth rate is short-term phenomenon, or means that Fake Ferragamo Belt rapid economic growth turning point Has been really come; the first half of the macroeconomic decline, the main reason is the European debt and other external factors, or Fake Ferragamo Belt long-term deep contradictions and structural imbalances caused by the results. The answer to these two questions is not only conducive to a correct understanding of the current cycle of Fake Ferragamo Belt economy and the fundamentals, at the same time, for Fake Ferragamo Belt macroeconomic policy itself how to deal with, but also has an important guiding role. I have always stressed that since 2011, Fake Ferragamo Belt macroeconomic decline for six consecutive quarters, which is not short-term phenomenon, but can not be attributed to Fake Ferragamo Belt economic downturn due to international debt and other international economic turmoil and other external factors. It can be said that Fake Ferragamo Belt economy after 30 years of rapid growth, not only the management has formed a high dependence on growth, and industry, business and people are not doing from high-speed growth into the normal growth of psychological preparation, so once the economic downturn Or less than 8%, it is frequently on the economic hard landing argument. In fact, from the performance of Fake Ferragamo Belt economy in the first half of the year, economic growth is not only much higher than Europe and the United States and other developed economies, but also higher than India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets in the global economic turmoil, www.boardgamesofold.com economic growth is still able to Maintain at around 8% is a great achievement.
10 May 2017
From this view, 600 private enterprises because of the guarantee chain broken letter for help, on the surface with the overall economic environment decline, as well as some industries have a great relationship between the excessive expansion. But in fact, behind the refraction is still the financing difficulties of private enterprises and financial chaos. Under the current financial system in Cheap Ferragamo Belts, private enterprises are not the same financing entities as state-owned enterprises. Under the existing financing system, not only credit loans and private enterprises do not have a relationship, even if those mainstream guarantee institutions are not willing to Private enterprises to provide financing guarantees, which led to the financing of private enterprises in the existing system can only rely on mutual security UNPROO this self-relief behavior, and this guarantee, once there are some companies financial fraud, or the overall industry is not Boom, will inevitably lead to a continuous reaction. This is a systemic risk. But more risk than this system of discrimination against private enterprises, it is our system design, there is no risk of any plan to prevent this risk, once the capital chain problems, in addition to the major banks quickly rushed to the enterprise debt, so Aggravate the crisis and panic, there is no positive response to the move. The 600 private enterprises to apply for help, put forward two requirements: www.boardgamesofold.com
7 May 2017
In the face of the outside world questioned www.boardgamesofold.com, we see the National Development and Reform Commission also came forward to explain, said Guangdong Zhanjiang approved steel project construction first to compress the local production capacity as a prerequisite, Guangdong cumulative crude steel production capacity of 16.14 million tons. But the key is that unless the project is high-end Fake Ferragamo Belt lack of quality steel, otherwise, so that the replacement itself does not make any sense. We cried on the one hand to support small and micro enterprises, on the one hand through this so-called elimination of backward production capacity to eliminate small and micro enterprises. Fake Ferragamo Belt economic performance over the past four years shows that only for the sake of short-term stability to release the currency taps again, start the government investment, increase the speed of project approval, the long term not only can not be stable growth, but also because of the disorder of policy is being put forward structural efforts , From the long-term stability of Fake Ferragamo Belt economy, really able to make Fake Ferragamo Belt long-term economic, sustained and healthy growth is the best way to adjust the structure. Even in the current economic downturn in the case of great pressure, even if we must rely on government investment to stabilize the growth expectations, but also should increase investment in strategic emerging industry projects, should increase the pace of structural tax cuts, and should not be launched Those that have already been surplus. In view of the current difficulties facing the Replica Ferragamo Belt economy, the short-term slowdown is not terrible, how to increase the intensity of tax cuts to really reduce the burden on enterprises, how to promote the real increase in the income of residents, how to get rid of monopoly really for private capital to find investment Of the space, how to upgrade through the industry to enhance the profitability of the global industry chain position, how to carry out institutional reform for enterprises to create a good living environment, which must be done immediately. Do not for a moment of beautiful data and chaos batch project, but not the brain fever on some of the items should not be on.
7 May 2017
Cheap Ferragamo Belts www.boardgamesofold.com has targeted measures to avoid excessive economic growth is necessary, the economic downturn is too fast, not conducive to social stability, is not conducive to the structure is being promoted Adjust and transform the way of development efforts. The key is that economic growth in the already serious imbalance in the case, but by approval of the steel industry, these production capacity has been significantly surplus projects to stimulate GDP growth, which is contrary to many people expected. Moreover, even if the first 4 months of macro data does not look good, but far from so serious, but not to give up the dignity through the excess capacity to stimulate the degree of economic growth. If you have to rely on the excess steel industry to pull, indicating that the economy really to a very dangerous situation, otherwise, then there is no proof of structural adjustment. Therefore, for the Zhanjiang Iron and Steel project approved, in the public information seems to be an explanation to the outside world to eliminate the fear and concern caused by.
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