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entry May 10 2008, 01:45 PM
One Solution To Life Problems: It's my hope that, like me, you saw yourself in the previous entries. These kinds of problems are so universal, they're common themes used in stories, from drama to comedy, even science fiction. Even suffering crimes, disease and abuse is common...everyone gets their share. The unusual thing would be to have few troubles, or none. Some problems are obvious and some hidden, but we've all got 'em, whether we admit it or not. The difference comes in how we deal with these issues and how they affect us. One person buckles down and makes improvements in his life...another becomes depressed and kills himself...why? All problems happen outside of us, but some people bring them inside and give them a home, nurture and feed them until the emotions are overwhelming. This brings us to the one way to solve all life inside out.
Living inside out means deciding that nothing happening outside of us will be allowed to control us, or our outlook on life. We can't change other people, mean co-workers, diseases, crimes...they just are, and we accept that they are. The rain falls on everyone, good and bad, alike. Based on how they've decided to be, inside, some people curse the rain...others use it productively, to quench thirst, wash, and grow things. Living inside out means using our troubles to grow and strengthen ourselves. We can use relationship, job, money and other problems to identify those things inside us that need to improve, and improve them. Instead of cursing the things outside us we can't change, we change the things we can...those things inside us.
Living inside out means we can turn our problems inside out, making them tools with which to build a better life. Think about it! Without relationship problems, we'd be bored with everyone. Without work problems our employers wouldn't need us. Without money problems we would never understand it's value. Problems are the texture in the fabric of life, nothing more. Without them, our lives would lack excitement and fulfillment. How can we appreciate being loved if we've never been hated? How can we have the pleasure of success if we never fail? Trouble means we're still in the game! Next time a huge problem hits you, thank God, because it means you're alive and you still have important work to do and room to grow. If you don't have problems, check your pulse.

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post Feb 28 2012, 03:03 PM
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This is an optimistic way to view life problems and how we can use them as tools. It's easier said than done though. smile.gif
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