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1 Aug 2017
At the beginning of the ink, again worried and funny, hurriedly took the blood to the beast to take a slip, and pat it on the belly, don't spit it out!

The movement at the beginning of ink was not gentle at all, and the blood obsier stared her a few eyes, and finally, the bead of the mouth to spit out the bead.

He counted the Numbers and saw that there was not much, www.fashionusaonline.ru and he was relieved.

Have to! Keep a pet is like for a big ye, the ink chuckled at the beginning of the head, but suddenly found that one of the beads have been obsidian beast sharp mouth to bite broke, crack, drain the silk white powder leaked powder, white halo is impressively flashing light.
1 Aug 2017
As soon as he heard this, the old man began to find a confidant, and the chatterbox opened immediately. no, you see, there are beads in these algae!

Are there beads hidden in seaweed? As soon as he heard this, he could not help thinking of the pearls in the shell.

Can't it be pearl?

Thought of here, at the beginning of the ink is cheerful, www.fashionusaonline.ru is a pearl, the value of this thing maybe can be doubled, then the old man's life can be much more better than a natural, grandpa, can let me have a look?

The old man did not say anything. He picked up some algae from the basket and gently peeled it off the bottom of the basket. Then he pulled out a few beads.
7 Jul 2017
About Song Zichu.

and this premise is that agatdesignbureau.ru has handled a good trouble.

She gently smiled, ridiculed, is not your Qin made ghosts, the right to explain in your hands, as long as Xiao Jing to give you the benefits, what medical trouble, but change the mouth Bale.

Well, you said yes, but my heart is unwilling.

Angel curled up in the sweater sleeves of the fingers moved, watching Qinhuai, teeth, your heart unwilling? In fact, I do not really understand you and Song Zichen between what kind of grudge?

Why do you tell me, white Joe if not because when a doctor into the entertainment, I am now better than the day, there may be no medical trouble, your husband do not have to do all day The woman 's thing and neglect you.

This information is somewhat large, agatdesignbureau.ru anger frowning thinking for a while, only brain to make up his meaning.

But she picked up her favorite to say, You this is their own confession? Harm me and Xiao Jing husband and wife do not and the culprit.
7 Jul 2017
Crazy brush heat, do not want people to worry about are difficult

Shopping mall fifth floor cafe.

Qinhuai wearing a standard white shirt black trousers, a look just came out from the company, he walked from the corner of the window toward the side of the side of the side of the cold laugh, your bodyguard pestle there, how swagger you do not Will not be clear.

... ... you may be a little misunderstanding of the market. She felt very normal ah.

There are waiter to drink in front of Qinhuai, Qinhuai point a cup of coffee, Anyan one hand holding the chin with his chin, the other hand on the table at random.

She wore a red wine wide sweater, sleeves white neck exposed out of the hair, curly hair so dressed, and behind the black sofa to form a very strong contrast, lining her more enchanting enchanting.

Qin big young master, I thought, agatdesignbureau.ru it really do not know what you look for me?

I'm looking for you to make a pen deal.
7 Jul 2017
When she was almost asleep, she was hugged in an embrace with lumps, and she opened her eyes and was a bit impatient.

This person is always the routine of this time, when sleeping do not consider the feelings of others, have to wake her.

But that impatient in the men under the eyelids touched the gray, slowly eliminate, quiet nest in his arms, and slowly sleep in the past.

The next day, An Wen wake up to agatdesignbureau.ru has left.

Afternoon, An Yan to the mall to buy their own needs of the painting, someone called her to see her, Anyan eyebrows, who did not hear the other side, Who are you?


Anzhen do not know why Qin Huai see their own, but guess, most are related to agatdesignbureau.ru, or is - white Joe?

Recently she probably also concerned about the entertainment thing, because the basic zero scandal after the white Joe, and now a circle of the actor scandal pass hot.
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