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> Hurry Up To Buy Wow Gold On Safewow With 7% Off For Halloween, Hurry up to buy wow gold on safewow with 7% off for Halloween
post Oct 29 2017, 10:39 PM
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Decades [safewow.com]buy gold wow ago, cheating in video games was acceptable, if not encouraged. Entering secret codes would give you infinite lives, giant heads, or free tanks from the Heavens. It was harmless fun. However, once games became shared experiences, cheating suddenly wasn't so cute. No one wants to play games with an unkillable, giant headed asshole with unlimited tanks. So developers found ways to prevent cheating. Some were obvious, like banning users. Others were more creative. Here are some of the hilarious ways video games punished cheaters.
7. Ark: Survival Evolved Encourages Vigilante JusticeArk is basically Minecraft with graphics and dinosaurs. The only thing about the idea that isn't perfect is how you share that awesome world with this world's douchebags. One player who called himself Ricky had earned a reputation for being a racist dickbag. In a land of giant beasts, he spent his time calling people the n word, but that's the only thing he had in common with Hulk Hogan.
If you're not familiar with this particular game, you maybe asked, "So what?" If you're familiar with video games in general, you maybe asked, "Couldn't he just . die and respawn? Hack . the DDOS RPG? I'm sorry, I don't know as much about games as I led you to believe during the start of this hypothetical." Great point! Well, Ricky couldn't exactly kill himself. Your character in Ark does not have a self destruct button. You can kill yourself by eating your own #### (seriously), though Ricky wasn't clever enough to try this. Instead, he started punching the walls, hoping to die of hand trauma.
Strangely enough, the designers of Ark created a way to prevent your prisoner from committing suicide. Other players can knock you unconscious and then do whatever they want to your sleeping body. That means two things: We just pinged Bill Cosby's favorite Google alert, and other players can force feed you to keep you alive. So that's what other players did. If he came too close to dying inside his tiny box, someone jammed food into him until he was healthy again. He was once a racist dinosaur fighter. Now he was an imaginary, suicidal veal calf."W wait! No one told me there would be consequences to being a little bitc zzzzzzzzzz."
Ricky would wake up and try to kill himself and the cycle would begin again. How long did this last? Ten hours. So if you felt guilty for sitting down and binge watching an entire season of New Girl, relax. While you did that, a ####ty guy was at his computer, screaming to be let out of a box while his mouth was revenge ####ed by imaginary food. It's as if two geniuses worked separately to create the most boring and the most torturous activities of all time, then decided to combine their ideas.
And here's what's crazy this wasn't a group of wildly inventive hackers exploiting some glitch in the game. The game's FAQ basically includes instructions on how to do exactly this.
Ark: Survival Evolved FAQ
"Dr. Cosby, can you explain these video game design documents we found on your computer?"
The story even has a happy ending. The punishment worked. After they set Ricky free, he joined their clan and they now they play video games together, presumably while he does not call them n words.
6. Animal Crossing Will Filibuster Your Life If You Try To CheatAnimal Crossing is a bizarrely likable game about catching butterflies, planting flowers, and buying toilets in a town of animals. Like a chore simulator set on Dr. Moreau's island. But despite the kid friendly aesthetic, the game takes itself pretty seriously. If you attempt to cheat, the game will belligerently waste minutes of your life.
Most gamers understand how to use save files to experiment with or exploit a video game. For instance, you save your game, try something crazy, then reset if it didn't work. Animal Crossing ####ing hates it when you do that. If it detects you've been messing around with the save file, a mole named, sigh, Resetti greets you when you come back and lectures you about your rudeness. Calling a fan a "thumb sucking twerp" is when you drop the mic!
Resetti starts with a polite warning about how bad resetting is, but he becomes increasingly angry and frustrated as you do it. He'll even try to trick you, letting you think he's done and then starting in on you again. It's pointlessly abusive. It's like someone at told his wife he'd make her a character in his video game, only she's an awful bitch and he's a passive aggressive dick. At one point Resetti forces you to actually type out a goddamn apology before he will go away."WHOSE ASS IS THIS, PLAYER!? WHOSE! ASS! IS! THIS!?"
5. Forces Awful People To Play With Other Awful PeopleMarvel Vs. 3 is a frantic fighting game pitting Marvel's greatest heroes against 's most obscure video game references. The franchise had been dead for about a decade, mostly because fighting games became 3D and unpopular in that order. Because of the long absence, in 2011, MVC3 became the franchise's first attempt at online play.
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