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24 years old
Australia, But im a dual citizen with the U.S
Born July-30-1993
Horse Riding, Dog Sledding, Drawing, Writing(poetry and Novels), Reading, Fantasy, Music and Friends.
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3 Apr 2008
i didn't know where to put this thread so I decided to leave it here.

50 years ago Burma was one of the richest countries in the world, it was rich with ruby's, emeralds, sapphire and gold. but now all thats gone. Burma was changed to democracy and 50 years ago the people had a fair and legit election and the people voted for a new leader. well the old communist leader did not hold well with much of this and he, being of the milliatary party deided to oppress his people.

600,000its a pretty big number, to give you some idea its about twice the population of the bahama's. now can you imagin that same amount of people 600,000 killed, slaughtered and merclissley gunned down for no reason in one day, ONE DAY just 1 day. In that one day 600,000 people were killed and if you think that that is sad wait for this. It Never made the News, nope nothing, nobody even thought it big enough to make the headlines.

The country of burma (Myanmar) needs us. I am dual citizen to two of the most powerful and established countries in the world and it makes me physically sick to think that even while i'm typing this another mass murder could be underway. The CIA don't even acknowledge it, I found their website on the countries of the world sayin aids is the major killer and that the milliatary is the rightful government.

we need to stop this people, we can make a difference! it'll take you maybe 5 minutes to find someone to tell this to. thats as long as an addbreak or a kettle to boil or a villiage to burn. Lets Raise awareness! is anyone with me?
17 Mar 2008
I was on a school excusion a while ago and i sprained my wrist and injured my back. everyone piled on to a double decker boat and it was an awesome as experiance but nearing the end of the trip i fell from the top story to the bottom deck. OUCH! it did'nt hurt at the time but my wrist ached so i put a brace on it and by the end of the day my arm was killing me. i went to the doctors they told me i'd done the right thing, the x-rays say its not broke but it wont heal! writing and typing is fine but anything like throwing a ball or even waving is excrutiating. i'm 14 and normally anything i sprian heals in like 3 weeks( i've had heaps of experiance lol) but this one just wont go away. anyone no what i can do?
8 Jan 2008
Well Umm Hi! i guess i just start telling my story and then awww what the heck. I hope sumting happens!

ummm i'll start at the begging always a good place to start!

Okay so....

I was born to a family with strong belifs that the firstborn of any parent should be a male, to pass on the family name, so my family didnt really like me from the start. But for a while they put up with me, those 4 years were the best in my life! Then my parents fell pregnant again(well actually it was only my mom lol.) and everyone was praying that they would have a son. I remember going to my aunts for about a week proceeding the birth and the moment she got the call that told her of my sister she sat down and wept bitterly. I asked her what was wrong and what i could to to help( a bit feeble from a 4 year old) she lashed out at me grabbing me by the shirt collar and yelling at me centimeters from my face, what she said i cant remember but i've been scared of her ever since.

So as i watched my sister grow i also felt a great rift seperate me from my family. I was no longer called daughter but only "kid" or "hey you" or whateva they desired to call me. If i didn't answer to the names my father would take me out to the shed and beat me or lock me in till the heat was unberable as he did anytime he was angry or stressed or eventually anytime he felt like it. That went on for 10 years.

As i grew older it grew time that i had to be enroled in a primary school. As i entered the school for the first time my mom hurridly pushed me into the the room sat me down and dissapeared. and as i grew from prep(kindergarden) to 3rd grade my peers grew all the more hostile to me untill i met a boy lets call him fred. Well fred was 2 years my senior and very strong but that didnt really bother me. he seemed like my only friend in a sea of hate because by that that time i was starting to get bashed and bullied for my last name.

Me and fred became good friends, all his friends liked me and we hung out every lunch time and recess at school, untill we found out that we lived in the same court. than we became even closer. i was always spending days at his house or him in mine and one day he asked me over for a sleep over. He had sisters( 2 to be exact) so he said i could share a room with them. I packed my things and went over, It was the biggest mistake of my life. everyone was very friendly untill i was inside the door alone and then they changed completely. These people who were like family to me suddenly changed and bound me and photographed me and played with me for the whole night. when it was morning they released me, I got dressed and ran home. No one ever asked why we never met up anymore. and its a nightmare i still have.

In grade five i changed schools because my poor sister( dont get me wrong i love her!) was being called nasty names. funny how favorites work isnt it? i came home from school once with black bruises everywhere, i was told to deal with it. anyway, I moved schools and found that while i wasnt miss popular i was tolerable. In grade six a friend, my best friend, told me she had a secret. Her dad had abused her and was fond of showing her porn. I waited a few days untill i told her the story of my rape and instead of keeping a secret she pressured me to tell others, when i didnt agree she told them for me and blackmailed me and ruined my life with my secret as her weapon. my school decided to open a new campus and i moved without hesitation to try escape this girl umm lets call her bettie. Anyway bettie moved campus and brought her gang of 'friends' with her and made my life hell untill

one of the boys in my class found me crying behind a tree at lunch time, he asked me what was wrong and i said nothing. the way he looked at me i know he didnt belive my answer but he let it drop and asked me if i was any good at soccer. I told him i was okay at it but nothing special, and he invited me to join their game. Soon i became fast friends with the boys, not to soon though, and i spent all of recess and lunch playing soccer tlking with them and learning their tricks. When it came to picking teams i was not ever last any more.

I stayed fast friends with the guys wich gave me an 'outcast' reputation with the girls but i didnt care untill bettie did something awful to my best female friend and made her leave the school. My world came tumbling down again and this time i felt i had nothing to lose. I became 'emo', i slashed my wrist and attempted suicide 3 times. bettie enjoyed every minute of my depression. last year in may i had to come back to america to watch my nanna die i was glad to be rid of bettie but sad to be away from my guys. My nanna died May 25th at 12:15am i went to her funeral and went back to australia my heart heavier than ever. I came back and in the time of a month i attempted suicide 2 more times.

Bettie the charming girl that she is, didnt like the attention i was getting from the guys. she called me a slut and a bitch and many other colorful things i wont mention here. But she had begun to lose her friends. So she decided to be the best friend to me you could ever imagine. but i recoiled, so she again spilled my secret but this time to a teacher. The teacher immediatly asked if the story was true, i cried and answered yes, without hesitation the teacher called a counselour who called my parents.

I got home to find that my sister was going to a friends that night so mom drove her away leaving me alone with my father. He told me how ashamed he was. That since my sister was born he had seen my beauty and tried to make me strong. Now i was almost worthless to him, not only female but a tarnished one aswell, he told me how because he loved me he would make me strong. That night he beat me harder than ever before.

Because of the councilor i had to visit the police and tell them about me but i refused to talk, knowing of my fathers punishments if i did. They eventually closed the case and i was free to live as i wanted without fear of uniforms. My dad hardly talks to me but he has stopped hitting me so that is where my story almost comes to a close. for the moment that is were i am. Right here at the end of this story waiting for a boat in this endless sea of hate. and thats my story...
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Keep hanging on with the rest of us! Eventually the weight of us all will break the branch and we will have one huge stick to defend ourselves with...er...actuall y I don't really know where i'm going with this. :P~
9 Jan 2008 - 14:41
I like riding horses to!
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