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11 Jan 2018
{Second, we know the basic basis for pump selection

    Pump selection basis, should be based on process, water supply and drainage requirements, to be considered from five aspects, both liquid delivery capacity, the device head, the nature of the liquid, piping layout and operating conditions

    1, the flow rate is one of the important performance of the election pump data, which is directly related to the entire plant's production capacity and delivery capacity. Such as the design process can be calculated in the pump normal, minimum, maximum three kinds of flow. Select the pump, based on the maximum flow, take into account the normal flow, in the absence of the maximum flow, it is usually desirable 1.1 times the normal flow as the maximum flow.

    2, the lift system required for installation of the pump is another important performance data, generally to enlarge the 5% -10% head lift to choose.

    3, the liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, the physical properties of the temperature c density d, viscosity u, medium particle diameter and gas content, etc., which involves the system lift, effective gas Erosion margin calculation and the type of suitable pump: Chemical nature, mainly refers to the liquid medium chemical corrosion and toxicity, is the selection of pump materials and choose an important basis for the type of shaft seal.

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10 Jan 2018

<p>After 10 thousand divisions use exposure of incident of poisonous floor of the that bring a letter, a lot of had bought Wooden floor consumer and the customer that did not buy are worrying, what oneself choose is also be poisonous floor. Poisonous floor brings huge hidden trouble to human health, because install poisonous floor board hind, the formaldehyde in air can be released for a long time, exceed limit of susceptive of human body health, it can bring about people to get a variety of diseases, get leukaemia even. So, floor of environmental protection wood makes the first selection of consumer, so, how floor of wood of environmental protection of choose and buy? </p>
<p>Building materials of floor of choose and buy had better be the floor board that the more natural raw material such as floor of real wood of choose and buy, bamboo floor makes. Floor of environmental protection of choose and buy from time to tome 3 element: See attestation, read a report, smell odour.</p>
<p>See attestation: Environmental protection timber, the green building materials that must have total bureau of national environmental protection mark of 10 annulus attestation. And wooden furniture needs to have product certification of furniture of CQC of center of Chinese certificate of quality.</p>
<p>Read a report: Floor and furnisher home need offer what orgnaization of provincial above authority contains CMS model of written characters to detect report, this is to pass national technology to supervise a department the mark after metric attestation, detect the unit passes metric attestation only ability is qualified undertake detecting, the report that its produce just has legal effectiveness. In addition furniture must offer product manual. But 10 compulsive standards are not equal to green attestation of 10 annulus , it is market admittance only most ground level, if eligible product is particular,can pass only. Consumer can visit center of attestation of environment of total bureau of website of government of total bureau of national environmental protection or national environmental protection, inquiry already acquired the product that 10 annulus attestation indicates. </p>
<p>Smell odour: Adhesive carries environmental protection to spend. The content of formaldehyde of adhesive dissociate condition should is less than or be equal to 1g/kg, benzene content should is less than or be equal to 5g/kg. Also can use &ldquo; bazoo to hear the method of &rdquo; when buying adhesive.</p>
26 Dec 2017
{In the people's habits that the greatest function of incense burner, is a worship Buddha or sacrificial ancestor. In fact, the censer is also a literary gentleman's beloved thing, placed in the hall or placed in the study desk, reading a poem on the fragrance, there will be "red-sleeved Tim Hong Night Book," the wonderful mood. Spiritual censer gives people more spiritual life. It traverses the time tunnel, chases and appreciates the broad and profound history and culture.
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21 Dec 2017
Incense burner is incense material in ancient China smoked bedding spherical oven. Also known as "aroma ball", "lying incense burner", "smoked ball." Between its spherical shell and the center of the hemispherical furnace with two or three concentric rings. The furnace body has short shafts at both ends in the radial direction and is supported by two radial holes in the inner ring for free rotation. Similarly, the inner ring is supported on the outer ring and the outer ring is supported on the inner wall of the spherical shell. The furnace body, the inner ring, the outer ring and the supporting axis of the inner wall of the housing are in turn perpendicular to each other. Furnace body due to the role of gravity, no matter how the ball roll, the mouth is always kept level.
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20 Dec 2017
{Lu Bao tea tray Zen harmony and square two. With all kinds of tea, complement each other. Lu Baoyao unique imitation stone glaze burn out the texture of the road, as the firing range is very narrow, to control the burning of a special surface texture is not easy, the firing temperature control must be extremely attentive to Lu Po's insistence and requirements . The pristine sense of simplicity is the Oriental Zen style that Lu Po wants to present. Round the world, the harmony between all things in this show.
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