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entry Sep 16 2007, 11:00 AM
Well, you've reported him! They've done their investigation and concluded there isn't enough evidence to prosecute. Now what? Actually...a lot! If you know that this person did this thing to you or your child and the authorities can't do anything, there are still things you can do. Yes, they involve risk on your part, but if you feel it's likely this person will hurt someone else, you can take action. Please see a lawyer before doing this so you'll understand the legal risks involved in your State.
1. Confront them personally and let them know you'll be watching.
2. Get their picture and publish it in the newspaper along with a truthful account of what they did.
3. Publish it on the Internet.
4. Make fliers up with the same info and post them near playgrounds, schools, etc.
5. Hand deliver copies to all their neighbors and explain that you're doing it so their children will be safe from the pedophile.
6. If it's a family member or part of a group of friends, make sure all of them know what this person did.
 It's estimated that over 80% of molestations go unreported, leaving, I assume, 80% of molesters free to do it again. The power of pedophilia is in secrecy. The pedophile's right to privacy does not outweigh your child's right to safety. When people are warned, they can take precautions. Sometimes this kind of pressure can cause the pedophile to get caught. Other times it will cause him to move away. Even if all it does is warn those around him, you've done a lot to stop him.

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post Sep 17 2007, 09:25 PM
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Very Excellent Advice : My son's rapist is Jerry Lee Shook of Hasting NE. Fred Newell and his brothers are cousins to the Shooks by an incestous marriagein the past and are still raping (and other torture options) babies and kids today! Ive been involved far less than a decade, but they are proud to tell me it has been this way since before the 1930's- Ive seen alot the last several years, so I believe it enough to take up some certain actions myself. I read Glens BAR plan and have my own (more violent and satisifying) views than him. I liked the general idea and applied it to my own specific case. While all those what-pass-for-men-"round here" and their pedo beliefs are to take (if the target is quite helpless and young enough to be low risk to the pedo) certain rape actions then they are quite suprised, kinda shocked actually, when I use my options for ACTION to get my desired RESULTS (heeeeheeeeheeee) and my BELIEFS are always reinforced with continued Jerry contacts us here that by whatever means I must according to MY beliefs (No matter HOW many idiot "incest is icky" American? Sheriffs I WITNESS crying, gasping, and moaning "hang on your radio" - in the process -while they still try to sort the vast collection of victims and porno of several victims). New to here and loving the royal energy and renewal of hope I find here. Thank you again for letting me type what words alone can never say. Empowerment brings confidence sounds so pretty, but what is more true is "Courage never happens when a person is NOT very scared, because when Im not very scared (or just worried) I call that BLISS".
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