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15 May 2017
Polyester Thread DTY (lingangdty.com), is in the bomb machine on the continuous or simultaneous stretching, after twisting the deformation of the finished wire.

FDY (Fully drawn yarn), has nothing to do, but now widely circulated, it will be spinning as a one-step process code, can be low-speed spinning, high-speed stretch winding, two processes in a spinning Silk stretch joint machine to complete, this production line production costs are low, and the finished product quality and stability, hair loss, less uniformity of dyeing.

POY (Partially oriented), refers to the high-speed spinning obtained by the degree of orientation in the non-oriented wire and drawn between the incomplete drawing of the chemical fiber filament. Compared with the undrawn yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation, good stability, often used as tensile false twisted yarn (DTY) of the special wire.

Here mainly talk about DTY. DTY is a polyester chip as raw material, the use of high-speed spinning polyester pre-oriented wire, and then by drawing false twist processing, with a short process, high efficiency, good quality and so on. DTY has high bulkiness, good heat insulation, comfortable feel, soft luster, with high strength and elastic modulus of polyester, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance , Easy to wash fast dry and so on.

DTY is the ideal raw material for knitting and weaving, and it is suitable for making fabric, bedding and decoration. DTY also sewing effect, all the clothing of the pieces need this process, because the main purpose of the copy is to make the pieces of yarn will not be scattered, so the strong requirements of the copy line is not high.

DTY is widely used in the manufacture of fabric and industrial products, with excellent shape properties, after forming the flattened, fluffy or pleated, etc., in the use of multiple washing, can still be the same.
15 May 2017
Automotivedrivingbelt.com V Ribbed Belt are traditionally found in older motors. A series of v-belts come off the crankshaft, each powering its own individual accessory group such as alternator, a/c compressor etc. Failure to replace a v-belt can cause your engine accessories to stop working as well as engine overheating.

How Does it Work?

Provides the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings and long service life.

Powers various accessory groups in your engine.

How is it Made?

May be only rubber or polymer throughout or may have fibers embedded in the polymer for strength and reinforcement.

Made in a v-shape to track in the mating groove of the pulley so that the belt cannot slip off.

Why Does it Fail?

Belt is over-tensioned.

Tension loss caused by a weak support structure, lubricants being sprayed or spilled on belt, excessive sheave wear or belt load.

Cracks in the belt.

Excessive shock load, or exposure to excessively hot or dry locations.

What are the Symptoms of Failure?

Unusual sounds.

Excessive vibration.

Signs of even wear, cracking, fraying or burned spots on the exterior of the belt.

What are the Implications of Failure?

Engine accessory powered by the belt will stop running.

Engine will overheat, causing possible engine damage.

Timing Belt Manufacturers - www.automotivedrivingbelt.com
15 May 2017
Hot air welding of PVC Welding is an alternative to high frequency welding of PVC. In high frequency welding we use radio waves to heat the two materials directly at the point of contact. Whereas in hot air welding, it usually involves a heatgun to melt the PVC. This is followed up by a roller to press the PVC together resulting in a welded joint.
Pros of Hot Air Welding

There are some great pros to using hot air welding, for example,

It is portable
Great for repair work. Especially where only a little bit of welding is needed.
Relatively fast
No need for 3 phase power or compressed air

Cons of Hot Air Welding

However there are also some large cons, such as,

Far weaker weld than that of a high frequency welding machine
Not suitable for large repair work
May rip or fail if there is moderate tension applied to the pvc canvas
Will perform terribly in unskilled hands Ė spotty welding, burnt patches and other problems.


Ultimately it is a tool that you should have if you need to do any repair work on site, or if minor damage keeps occurring on your tents/marquees/tarpaulins. When youíre actually making your tents, marquees or tarpaulins itís better to go with the high frequency welders. Unless you donít mind your tent falling down on a particular windy day.

If you are interested in buying a high frequency welding machine click here. If youíre looking for a hot air gun then please contact us here.
Technical Aside

There are a couple of reasons why the weld is better on a high frequency welder.

The accuracy of a high frequency welder is better.
Contact between the two sheets of High Frequency PVC Welding Machine (davison-machinery.com) is firmer and tighter.
The very process of high frequency welding means that the material heats just as well in the middle as it does at the surface, something hot air welding does not do.
There are two slits requiring the break to overcome breaking tension twice (see this post).
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