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17 Jul 2017
{Stainless steel hose material for the SUS304 or SUS201, for wire, cable, automatic instrumentation signal wire and cable protection tube, specifications from 3mm to 150mm. Ultra-small diameter stainless steel hose (diameter 3mm-25mm) for the protection of precision electronic equipment and sensor lines, precision optical foot sensor line protection, industrial sensor line protection solutions. With excellent flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile; products can be customized according to customer requirements. Stainless steel hose Application: IC card (public) telephone, telecommunications hose, instrumentation, armored cable, sensor dedicated metal hose, gas meter, pressure gauge, flow meter, painting equipment, intelligent remote water meter, And other mechanical stainless steel threading hose, metal electrical protection hose and fittings.
17 Jul 2017
{Demand, the second half of the domestic stainless steel stocks easy to increase difficult to reduce the price of steel prices are difficult to rise too large, the strength of steel mills to reduce production than the first half or will increase, at this stage there have been signs of stainless steel to carbon steel , Limited production of stainless steel will directly bring the demand for nickel material atrophy, waste stainless steel on the replacement of nickel material is also a threat. Overall, the nickel market fundamentals are weakening, the market is expected to be adjusted after.<a href="http://stainlesssteelplateprice.com/steel-products/5483.html">80mm a312 tp316l stainless steel seamless pipe</a> For the market outlook, Guo Qing said, from the fundamental point of view, the market outlook, nickel prices will likely rebound, but whether to start long-term upward trend still need to observe. Historically, the Fed hike interest rates are corresponding to the rise in commodity prices, but the rate hike is superimposed on the Federal Reserve shrink the balance sheet, two factors resonance makes the commodity, especially non-ferrous metals trend is full of uncertainty.<a href="http://stainlesssteelprices.com/steel-products/5167.html">430 Stainless Steel sheet BA finished with pvc coating</a> Cao Yang said that in the second half of the year, Shanghai nickel as a whole will remain volatile, the main contract price target or maintained at 70,000 yuan / ton, but the stage of industry fundamentals to improve, including environmental protection, safety monitoring may also bring some short-term rebound opportunities The<a href="http://sheetstainlesssteel.com/stainless-steel/2827.html">AISI 660 Stainless Steel Bar Exporting To Singapor</a> However, after this round of adjustment, high-cost production has been clear, long-term nickel price is not pessimistic, it should be said to be waiting for the terminal demand structural warmer signal.<a href="http://304stainlesssteelsheet.com/steel-coil/6739.html">201 304 316 stainless steel pipe customized sizes</a>
10 Jul 2017

<p>After 10 thousand divisions use exposure of incident of poisonous floor of the that bring a letter, a lot of had bought Wooden floor consumer and the customer that did not buy are worrying, what oneself choose is also be poisonous floor. Poisonous floor brings huge hidden trouble to human health, because install poisonous floor board hind, the formaldehyde in air can be released for a long time, exceed limit of susceptive of human body health, it can bring about people to get a variety of diseases, get leukaemia even. So, floor of environmental protection wood makes the first selection of consumer, so, how floor of wood of environmental protection of choose and buy? </p>
<p>Building materials of floor of choose and buy had better be the floor board that the more natural raw material such as floor of real wood of choose and buy, bamboo floor makes. Floor of environmental protection of choose and buy from time to tome 3 element: See attestation, read a report, smell odour.</p>
<p>See attestation: Environmental protection timber, the green building materials that must have total bureau of national environmental protection mark of 10 annulus attestation. And wooden furniture needs to have product certification of furniture of CQC of center of Chinese certificate of quality.</p>
<p>Read a report: Floor and furnisher home need offer what orgnaization of provincial above authority contains CMS model of written characters to detect report, this is to pass national technology to supervise a department the mark after metric attestation, detect the unit passes metric attestation only ability is qualified undertake detecting, the report that its produce just has legal effectiveness. In addition furniture must offer product manual. But 10 compulsive standards are not equal to green attestation of 10 annulus , it is market admittance only most ground level, if eligible product is particular,can pass only. Consumer can visit center of attestation of environment of total bureau of website of government of total bureau of national environmental protection or national environmental protection, inquiry already acquired the product that 10 annulus attestation indicates. </p>
<p>Smell odour: Adhesive carries environmental protection to spend. The content of formaldehyde of adhesive dissociate condition should is less than or be equal to 1g/kg, benzene content should is less than or be equal to 5g/kg. Also can use &ldquo; bazoo to hear the method of &rdquo; when buying adhesive.</p>
10 Jul 2017

<p>How does real wood floor maintain, 5 big subtle move teach you. Class of real wood floor is high, have air, maintain namely rise troublesome, everybody may not consider the place that some maintain, some may be to encounter but do not know how to be handled, will see the 5 big subtle move below. </p>
<p>1, retain a floor board dry, clean, cannot pull the land with the wet mop of drop water or swab with buck, suds, lest destroy paint film of the brightness of paint, attaint. If encounter,have ash or use twist dry wet mop to wipe. Every months (or two months) make oily choice (mix lunt before the essence that make oil) of smear wipe up. </p>
<p>2, if central heating is slack or the ground has water floodwater on low-lying land, must seasonable wipe up, cannot let the sun explode bask in or use hot plate directly roast, lest dry too fast, floor craze. </p>
<p>3, the floor board that has installed does not live for a long time person, avoid by all means uses plastic cloth or newspaper shell, one long paint film can send time sticky, lose luster, at the same time avoid by all means heats up the content such as birdbath, hot rice cooker to be put on floor face directly, applied board or straw mattress are being filled up, lest iron bad paint film. </p>
<p>4, smear is stained with to should keep clear of in time carelessly on local floor board, if oil stains can use dishcloth or mop to dip in Wen Shui or a few washing powder is wiped, usable also and neuter suds adds spirit of a few catharsis to swab. If smear is serious, use this law to disable, usable and excellent sand paper or steel wire ball are wiped gently. If be medicaments, beverage or painty smear, must be in smear did not try to keep clear of before infiltration woodiness surface, cleared method uses dip to dip in the soft cloth of furniture polish is wiped. If still disable, must dip in with steel wire ball furniture polish is brushed. The surface of the ply that be like the ground is burned by butt caustic, with dip the soft cloth of furniture polish wipes recoverable brightness forcibly. If ink is infected with, answer to be wiped in time with dip candle soft cloth, if disable, but ball of reoccupy steel wire dips in furniture polish is wiped. </p>
<p>5, the paint after laid floor, reduce the sun to be basked in continuously as far as possible, lest illuminate of paint classics ultraviolet ray is overmuch, shift to an earlier date weather-shack with ageing. Furniture application rubber is placed on the floor or mat of other pliable other people rises, in case score floor lacquer. </p>
29 Jun 2017
{Stainless steel exports is an important part of China's export economy, it has an important role in stimulating China's economic growth, but from the current situation of China's stainless steel trade, China's stainless steel exports encountered a greater resistance.<a href="http://stainlesssteelplateprice.com/stainless-steel/5527.html">Best popular in EU stainless steel hexagon bar</a> Since last year, foreign frequently came to China's stainless steel casting products, "double reverse" message, which China's stainless steel casting industry has a great impact, exports of stainless steel industry in China is a large part of the development of its industry The development of a huge market share, in the face of the current economic downturn, the slowdown in the development of the case,<a href="http://stainlesssteelprices.com/steel-products/4068.html">347H 304 stainless steel checkered plate hot sale</a> China's stainless steel industry development should continue to improve product quality, better development of overseas trade and trade protectionism to suppress, the product and environmental protection, energy resources, human environment combined to enhance the competitiveness of stainless steel products, only So as to obtain an undefeated position in foreign trade.<a href="http://stainlesssteelcoilprice.com/steel-products/4850.html">Труба из нержавеющей стали с 3-дюймовой трубкой из ПВХ</a> In view of the external export difficulties, China's stainless steel industry on the one hand to rights, but the most important thing is China's stainless steel industry to continuously improve their own quality level, and a comprehensive upgrade.<a href="http://304stainlesssteelsheet.com/steel-plate/4856.html">hot sale stainless steel sheet 304 mirror finish</a>
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