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entry Mar 7 2008, 02:17 PM
Until the issue is resolved, I feel others might benefit from my experience with a medical situation I'm dealing with, so I'll add episodes in my blog as I experience them.
After prayer, I did the same search I had last night, "bloody urine cause." This time I went in a little deeper.
My favorite source for unbiased information on any physical condition is the National Institutes Of Health. It's a US Government site, so it's a little difficult to find what you want and a little difficult to understand it once you get there, but you can get reliable information on almost any health related matter. As an added benefit, they aren't trying to sell you anything, so you can pretty much rely on the information you find. I've found that many other sites try to scare us into buying their product or service by accenting the absolute worst outcomes and telling us how their product is the only thing that will work, or some such nonsense.
Back to the story: I learned a lot more about bloody urine than I ever wanted to. If you went from most likely to least likely causes and excluded female causes, it went something like this: infection/prostatitis or other inflammation, temporary damage from some accident/fall/exercise/hard labor, kidney stones, prostate/kidney/bladder cancer, kidney failure. This is just the opposite order in which I was worrying about it. Since the blood happened after intercourse, was very visible, cleared up, and I had no other symptoms (fever, inability to urinate, etc.) it was likely to not be kidney stones or kidney failure. Every website on the subject said one thing loud and clear, though...get to the doctor as soon as possible...

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