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entry Jan 26 2008, 01:01 PM
Feeling a little funny? Having strange emotional reactions? Food taste funny? Suddenly tired...or energetic? Is someone close to you complaining about changes like these? Many people either ignore these things, or, if severe, seek counseling or medical help. Before doing anything...check your medicine, first.
Now, I'm not stupid! I know you don't bother reading those things the pharmacist gives you every month with your prescriptions. Even if you did read it 3 years ago, when you started taking the drug, do you remember the side-effects listed? Do you remember the things it said to avoid while taking the medication? Do you know if there is any new information about the drug?
It's good to read the new data sheet at least yearly, to keep up-to-date, but even if you didn't do that, read it every time you have something new happen in your body, including unexplained emotional events. We often go to a doctor to get treatment for the side-effects of medicine. If the doctor or you make a mistake about what you're already taking, there could be serious consequences. So, here's a caution: Before getting help for any condition, look at the data sheets on your medicines, first. You may just need a dosage adjustment or a different medicine to do the same thing. If you feel you need help, go to the doctor who prescribed your medicine. If not, take the data sheets with you to the new doctor. It's easy for us to get lazy about our medical health, thinking the doctor will take care of it. It's easy...but dangerous, because doctors are human.

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