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entry Nov 24 2007, 10:03 AM
Being in the business of helping people, I get a chance to hear a lot about compassion. Most of what I hear is just emotional know...phrases that are used to make people think you're compassionate. Let me give you some ideas of what I'm saying:
Poor people in the US: Let's stop right there! There are no poor people in the US. All people in the USA (even Illegal aliens) who want it, have homes, toilets, running water, entertainment, health care, food, clothing and education. US citizens can have all of this even if they don't work! So, there are no poor people here! The biggest health problem among America's poor is obesity. So, when we say we need to help the American poor by giving them even more, we're not being compassionate, we're just using emotional talk. True compassion would be to remove most of the benefits and allow the poor to get uncomfortable, so they would be motivated to make more of themselves.
Addicts: Emotional talk is all about "helping" drug addicts and alcoholics by giving them money, "better" drugs, like methadone, and a thousand excuses for their addictions, like genetics, parents, etc. Now, in some cases, addicts can get Social Security retirement at any age if a doctor says their addiction disables them. Again, the emotional talk sounds compassionate, but the "help" it generates, sentences these poor people to a life of addiction (often a very short life). That's because the programs make it totally unnecessary for these people to quit. What would real compassion do? Let them lose their income, their jobs, their families, their homes, until the pain caused by their addiction is so extreme, they are compelled to do anything to quit.
Take a look around, and you'll see that true compassion is often the opposite of whatever the emotional talkers are saying. Now, the question we have to ask ourselves is, "Do we really care enough to do what helps people, or are we more concerned about being judged by the emotional talkers?"

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