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entry Jul 1 2007, 02:10 PM
Why is it that so many of us get married and then discover our spouse changing, becoming different from the one we dated? Sometimes they're so different, we think we've been deceived! Actually it has to do with mental programming. From the time we're born, we begin picking up clues about married life from family, friends, TV, etc. We store these clues in our subconscious, in preparation for the big some day.
When we get married, we set about being the person we thought we were supposed to be and began expecting our spouse to do the same. Big problem!!! The spouse was programmed in a different childhood in a different family, with different relationships. What's worse your spouse expects you to live in that programming. To make matters even more complicated, none of this was discussed. It just sat in the back of each of your minds until you said, I do. Then these unspoken expectations began going off like time bombs.
With love and commitment, as painful as these discoveries are in the first few years of marriage, over time, you get through them to the miracle on the other side. What's that miracle? You end up being two completely different people than when you dated, and you end up more perfect for each other than either of you could have imagined. I believe that alone is evidence that marriage is a God thing.

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