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entry Aug 31 2006, 02:05 PM
I often get requests to write someone's husband or son about his addiction. People read our web pages, think their loved one should read them and ask us to help. We now have a link on most pages to allow you to recommend them to others, but, even that, I'm afraid, may be of little help with addiction. The question remains, then, who can help your addicted loved one?
At the core of addiction is self-loathing. As the addictive behavior brings on worsening conditions, the addict feels he is to blame, can't face the circumstances, and tries to numb them with ever deepening addiction and denial. If a third party, like Way2Hope contacts him, it is very likely this will deepen the denial and self-loathing.
If family members confront him and try to pressure him into getting treatment, it's far more likely to push him deeper into his addiction and further away from his family. Sorry rarely works on more than a temporary basis. Intervention is called for, though, if the addiction is risking other family members who can then be removed from the save them...not the addict.
Intervention by police...even forced residential detox and treatment only work until the addict is released.
So...who can help the addict? Only the addict! Only when the circumstances have become so severe as to shake him to his senses and remove his denial, will an addict become open to help. There is a reason all our addiction pages are written to the addict, rather than his family. Until he is seriously seeking help, no help will work. The best way you can help your addicted loved one is to remove all the props and let him fall. Easier said than done.

entry Aug 28 2006, 03:31 PM
Our plan is to continue to build and grow. I once thought I would run out of things to write about...never dreamed I would write a thousand pages. Now that I've done that, it's like a never-ending well of ideas. I'll be personally adding about 5 pages per week within the categories we're focusing on at Way2hope, and 5 each for the other sites. You can expect to find work in the near future on cancers, mental illnesses, phobia's, and book reviews on books in our areas of interest. With the advent of RSS and BLOGS, we'll be promoting Way2Hope in new ways and cultivating cooperative efforts with others working in the same areas. We're in it for the long haul.
As long as these two fingers can type, we'll be working together to help people. This BLOG will be an account of the thoughts, insights, struggles and successes we experience together, helping people with family and life problems.

entry Aug 25 2006, 12:49 PM
To add the new websites and a method to automate the help and encouragement team, we needed to invest an additional $ 250 per month and, to date, about $ 3,000 in new software and web services. Fortunately, the advertising is paying for it. We have published to date, almost 1,000 pages on 3 websites. The little email support team has grown into Family And Life Forums, covering all the categories of issues at Way2Hope (marriage, parenting, senior care, money, addiction, various general health issues, etc.). This BLOG is a new addition, as well.
Web-Church was opened last January, and sports daily devotionals and Scriptures, weekly Bible studies, weekly worship service, online searchable Bible, Online Discipleship school, Acts Church History Studies, Life Of Jesus series, Christian Directory and a library of over 200 streaming praise and worship selections.
The final help/outreach website E-Health-Fitness, opened in May with over 250 pages, including extensive coverage of nutrition, herbs, diseases, addiction, weight, mental illness, etc. It also offers a directory of health and fitness resources. We'll be adding Forums to this site as soon as the traffic supports it.
We have combined traffic of 2,000 visits a day, from over 140 countries around the world. I still feel like we're just getting started. I'm glad you've been able to join us. 

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