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Posted by: mbtusa Jul 7 2017, 06:01 PM taut face, standing in place, the sound is particularly heavy, An Yan, stop!

Hear the sound behind him, angrily paced the pace, standing on the steps, across the distance from the condescending look at him, slightly hook lips, how so late you are not hungry?

Then, her voice turned, the tail rose, with the unspeakable sly, husband, I deliberately waiting for you to come back to eat it.

Xiao Jing looked at her black in the arms of the group, the brow on the passing of the heavier haze, two steps went over, stood beside her, glanced at the hi, put it out, we go in.


Anyan holding Anxi back a step, quickly close to the edge of the steps, the man wrinkled his brow, looked at her.

Anyway, it is impossible to do so, so ridicule, you have no problem? If it is to stay outside, then I also take it back to do?

Then go back to the hospital, keep the dog I still raised from.

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