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Posted by: mbtusa Jul 7 2017, 06:19 PM

Crazy brush heat, do not want people to worry about are difficult

Shopping mall fifth floor cafe.

Qinhuai wearing a standard white shirt black trousers, a look just came out from the company, he walked from the corner of the window toward the side of the side of the side of the cold laugh, your bodyguard pestle there, how swagger you do not Will not be clear.

... ... you may be a little misunderstanding of the market. She felt very normal ah.

There are waiter to drink in front of Qinhuai, Qinhuai point a cup of coffee, Anyan one hand holding the chin with his chin, the other hand on the table at random.

She wore a red wine wide sweater, sleeves white neck exposed out of the hair, curly hair so dressed, and behind the black sofa to form a very strong contrast, lining her more enchanting enchanting.

Qin big young master, I thought, it really do not know what you look for me?

I'm looking for you to make a pen deal.

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